Driving home from dinner at a friend’s house, clear, dark, cold night. We traverse the mountain along a state highway that follows a path up and around a wide valley locally know as “The Bowl” because from the top, it looks to be completely surrounded by mountains, like a giant bowl dug into the earth. There are some astounding views from along this road. A hotel/ restaurant at the top boasts a 5 state panorama. There is a also scenic pull off about half way down, which always seems to have at least one car in it day or night. This night, my husband is driving, so I am leaning my head against the cold glass, gazing out into the dark void, watching solid black trees and leafless branches wiz by in a dizzying black blur against the open inky purple black sky, the stars flashing like tiny strobe lights. We climb higher, round a corner, and the whole bowl is open before me. The dazzling brilliance of millions of billions of twinkling stars sparkle my eyes. Breathtaking, stark, beauty startling my spirit into flight, zooming out and letting go into that wondrous empty nothingness. The luminescent stars and the open soft dark void of night the only two things that exist. I am the immense incalculable space between the stars, their glittering light shines through me from every direction across the universe, energizing all my atoms into higher planes of existence. The car rounds another bend and trees suddenly tangle my communication with the infinite. I sit breathless and smiling in the passenger seat.


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