Huffing Coffee Beans


Caffeine and I do not get on well together, so I avoid it. However I do LOVE a good cup of coffee, but it has to be caffeine free. I completely understand the argument “what’s the point then?”, because I do sometimes miss the peppy lift a caffeinated beverage gives you, especially on those drag yourself out of bed after not enough sleep kind of mornings. Unfortunately, caffeine does bad things to my nervous system, so I have have been off it for over a year now, and life is much better that way!

So, there are some really good decaffeinated coffees out there. There is a small grocery store chain in New York city that carries an amazing variety of whole bean, naturally decaffeinated, (and sometimes) fair trade and/or shade grown coffee. YUM!

Of course on days that I make morning coffee for myself (my husband is not caffeine free), I have a ritual. I huff the coffee beans. I stick my face far down into the bag and inhale as deeply and slowly as possible. Eyes closed, mouth watering, nose twitching, taste buds activated in anticipation. The roasted oils permeate my nasal cavities, filling my brain with intoxicating serotonin. I taste the smell as well: singed nut shells, nutty dark chocolate, burned sweet toast, (and depending on the flavor) hazel nut, vanilla, or caramel. I inhale this aroma a few more times. Then the beans go into the grinder for a few seconds, more huffing of the Brooklyn Java. Nest, into the coffee maker, which fills the whole house with the tantalizing flavor of brewing dark coffee. I can walk all around the house smelling it. Finally, slowly pour the dark brown steaming liquid into a mug, letting the vapor waft around my face, once more huffing Brooklyn Java to my hearts content. Oh to drink of this heady dark forbidden fruit of the gods.


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