Milkweed Explosion


Last fall I picked a few milkweed pods and planted the fuzzy seeds in a flower bed hoping to have some grow next spring. These brown lumpy football/ egg shaped pods are the right size to fit in your hand, and are full of hundreds of small flat seeds attached to something akin to dandelion fluff only its more like silky white fur. I managed to leave a pod in the back passenger door pocket of my car, where it has spend all winter. It split open a long time ago, the seeds content to stay put in their little nest, sleeping the winter away, until today… I had all the windows open to let in the warm air while driving home. As soon as I started speeding up, wind filled the small space from every direction at once. I heard something clack twice in the back seat and instantly the car was filled with iridescent white fluff, swirling randomly in every direction, a fluff explosion in a wind tunnel. These airborne seeds fascinate my funny bone, tickle my nose, caress my lips, and stick to all sorts of things in the car. The seed stampede recedes, and 15 seconds later has all but disappeared out the windows. I sing to those little seeds to grow and prosper in their new homes along the road. I sing to them to feed the little caterpillars so they can grow up into monarch butterflies. When I get home, there are silky fluffy seeds attached to all the seats and things on the seats. Their silky fronds sway in the breeze, shining iridescent rainbow colors in the sunlight. This is where they will stay until they find their own way to somewhere else, along with their empty pod nest. Much later I am reminded of the amazing milkweed explosion as I brush some of the seeds out of my hair!


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