Miniature Sunrise


Drowsing, early morning, cats longing all over the bed, I roll over to the middle and stretch out feeling the luxury of the new mattress, snuggle deeper under the covers, think about sleeping more. A cat yawns, stretches, walks over and head butts me for lovin’ attention. Open eyes and snuggle the cat who erupts with contented purring, more head butts and neck nuzzles. Glancing out the bedroom window to see the snow covered hillside, purple and blue in the dawn light, I notice the ice hanging off the roof line. Not ice-cycles, but a continuous rippled curving frozen wave of ice. During the day, the snow on the roof melts and slides a little, eventually slipping off the edge of the roof in a thick layer of curving sheet ice. These formations fall once and while with a scrape, swish, whump, thump. This ice this morning is going nowhere as it is well below freezing out there. What catches my eye is the pastel colors of the morning sky reflected in the clear ice hanging from the roof. It is a mini sunrise, happening in real time. I sit up to look out the window at the sky, which is indeed in full pastel colors greeting the sun not yet up over the hill. Laying back down I watch the ice sunrise, captivated by how detailed in miniature it is. Its curve must be at a perfect angle and diameter to absorb the full sky on the convex side and show it to me in clarity on the concave side. What an amazing winter wonderland we live in!


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