White Out


Partly cloudy day is also partly sunny. Bright white glaring sunshine pours through the huge picture windows that are the wall facing the beginner hill. Suddenly, all is shadowed in blue gloom with low heavy gray clouds showering stray snowflakes. Every time I get a glance out this window the immediate weather is different then the last time I looked. I just happen to be gazing out at the sun drenched slope when I notice a threatening dark roiling fog advancing quickly from across the valley, in minutes, the sun is a week dull glow far away and stormy shadows have covered the mountains. The first few snowflakes dance on unseen air currents, flitting and flirting, soon they are joined by more frolicking friends. Its awe inspiring to see how fast they multiply into a complete white out. Nothing but swirling white floating ice crystals beyond the window, snowflakes soup! Fifteen minutes ago was super sun and now it looks impossible to even breath out there. Ten minutes later the sun shines through glistening on the millions of millions of fresh ice prisms, all is covered in a layer of pristine new snow.


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