Orange Peel


There are these small orange citrus fruits found in the grocery store now that are not clementines or tangerines, but something else (probably a hybrid of some sort). They usually have cute names, are easy to peel and are very sweet tangy citrus. Some are bright orange with a skin too big and baggy for the fruit slices within, others are almost yellow or melon colored and have a skin so tight it might burst, but all of them are fun to eat, easy to carry, and good for you too. My favorite part of eating them is the anticipatory rush I get from smelling the peeled skin. The act of peeling the fruit crushes parts of the peel releasing the spicy oils which smell so strongly of ORANGE that my mouth pangs and waters. Before slowly eating the fruit one piece at a time to get maximum enjoyment from all the juicy slices, I take the peel in my cupped hands and, bring it to my nose and mouth, close my eyes, squeeze the peel to release all the oils, and inhale deeply. Tangy, spicy, sharp, bitter, pungent, strong citrus infuses my nasal passages. I can taste it all in the back of my throat and tongue, and I dream of my Florida childhood where we picked oranges, lemon, tangerines, and kumquats from neighborhood trees and gorged on them. I keep breathing in this tantalizing scent until it weakens. This is the smell of summer sunshine.


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