Wise Old Tree


Top of the mountain at sunset, white frozen snow blanketing the ground, bare brown trees reaching intricate lacy branches skyward. Up here all is bathed in glowing soft yellow light, the valley below is cast in deepening blue shadow. A shining golden sphere hangs just above the ridge. Sun rays make the snow almost hum with golden glory, and the brown trees absorb and reflect the golden light revealing all their luxurious chocolate, coco, coffee, caramel, and cream hues. I feel warm and cozy inside although the temperature is plummeting. One tree stands apart, ancient, bark-less in death, its trunk and core of its main limbs all that is left, still strong. Its polished wood shimmers like satin, is as soft and smooth as silk, the grain of its passing years as distinct as a map, showing anyone how can read the language its wise secrets. This tree stand luminescent in the golden light of sunset. How many more season will this tree stand majestic, giving shelter to raccoons, birds, and others? How many snow and and ice storms, how many rain storms? How many more golden sunsets? Enjoy what you have now while you have it to enjoy! Listen to the wisdom of the trees! I bask in the golden sunlight until the sun disappears and the top of the mountain is now in blue deepening shadow. Time to get back down to the lodge!


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