Tracks in the Snow


I pull into the driveway and get out of the car, happy to be home from work. Looking out across the yard I see what looks like giant squirrel tracks in the snow. They are everywhere like a hundred giant squirrels were running through the yard. Closed examination doesn’t solve the mystery because the wind is blowing and has obscured the finer details inside the tracks. I go inside and tell Jonathan what I found. He smiles wide and laughs, and explains. Earlier in the morning, two mink had appeared in the yard and were having the time of their lives playing and roughhousing with each other in the snow. He followed them through every window as the circled the house, ran up into the woods only to reappear on the other side of the house still enraptured in their game. They were the happiest mink anyone has ever seen, chasing each other for many minutes. Before finally disappearing into the woods. Later I went out the fill the bird feeders and followed some of the tracks in their meandering rollicking, frolicking course, seeing in my minds eyes those two capering mink so joyful just to be!


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