Ujjayi breathing sounds like the ocean in the back of my throat. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly yet forcefully, concentrate on the breath: in, pause, out ,pause, in ,pause, out, pause. Concentrating on the breath with all my senses: listen to the different sounds of in and out, feel diaphragm, tummy, ribs, and lungs expand and release, hear the breath sound vibrations in the back of my throat, chest and sinus cavities, feel the air on my skin and all the pressure points where my body contacts the floor. Eyes closed I see the ocean in my meditative state. I let myself fall into that peaceful sensation. Exhale, wave crests and crashes up on shore, sweeping up the beach, sheet of water slowing until it stops its climb, pause, inhale, water recedes down the beach, sand singing to the next wave gathering its speed and strength building up for its, pause, exhaling crescendo. I sit, breathing, listening to my own ocean for a timeless age in perfect harmonious relaxation. It feels good to just breath!


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