Good Morning


Dozing, wanting more sleep, knowing I need to get up NOW or I will be late to work. One peacefully slumbering cat curled at my tummy using her mind powers to change my mind and stay with her. Drag myself out of the warm soft, snugly flannel sheets, groggy as feet hit the cold hard floor, legs don’t want to go downstairs, but have no choice. Blearily notice two cats on the window sill, attention on the bird feeder in the front yard. Stumble by, headed for the coffee pot, brain slowly interprets “squirrel” after glancing out the big picture window. So I turn around to take a better look. It is always amusing to watch the cats watch squirrels! This one is a small, shivering red squirrel perched on the porch railing. It makes a perfect picture: rusty fluffy tail twitching body and head bouncing with every taunting squeak, silhouetted against the blue snow of early morning twilight. Both cats are ready to pounce, tails swishing in agitation, whiskers and ears at standing rigid attention, hind legs tensed, fur ruffled, lips smacking, eyes following every nuance of that teasing squirrel. I step closer to see the whole scene. On the ground beneath the feeders are blue jays squabbling over black oil seed scattered on the snow. There among them, almost glowing in his brilliance against the whiteness of the snow covered ground, is one bright vibrant red cardinal. I stand mesmerized until he flies away meeting his orange beaked brown mate in the bare trees across the road.


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