Goodby and Hello

The goodbys of my last trip down the river for the season are always bittersweet. Nobody wants those endless August days of summer to end ,but, as they say, time stands still for no one. However, more adventures await around the next corner for those who are willing to go find them, no matter the season!

I don’t want this wonderful summer of 2012 to end. It was one of the best summers of my life actually. Feel the LOVE could probably be our motto for this summer. Good times, good fun, good people! I didn’t want to leave. I never do, but this summer was especially amazing with the guides living in the Chalet and the tent city down by the creek. This year’s combination of raft guides was made up some of the Beautiful People. I feel privileged to have been part of that world!

As sad as it was to see everybody going their separate ways (me sooner than most because the rafting season doesn’t end until Columbus Day), it is also intriguing to see where everybody goes. Several friends are following Julia into outdoor education for the fall and next spring with skiing at Gore all winter. A few will hold down the fort in North Creek and close down the season and the Challengers base, then wait for skiing at Gore to to start. One went back to college further North, one got a skiing job in Colorado, two will be working in Hawaii at least for the winter maybe longer. Everyone else ( including myself) has wandered back to what they call home base to do what they usually do when they are not white water rafting.

As poignant as it was to say goodby for now, see you next spring, I am also happy, excited, and over joyous to be starting my new teaching job! I have worked hard and long for this. Now that I have been there for over a month, I am still happy, excited, and over joyous. It feels amazingly good to be part of a teaching team. I have wonderful co-workers, a good principal, and the kids are good kids. Everybody is down to earth and nice. I feel like I fit in and am doing a good job.

It feels like something has finally clicked into place in my life. It’s not that anything was blatantly wrong to begin with, just that now, everything seems to be in the right place, things are running smoothly. Its as if the puzzle piece is adjusted correctly now, it was in the right place, but in the wrong direction. A gentle guiding hand has turned it around and it has now fallen smoothly into place. This is good feeling. It makes life worth living!

Such is the dichotomy of beginnings and endings.


The last weekend we were all together at the end of the season.



The day I was offered my teaching position.



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