Another Day!

Well, the interview was grand!  I really like the teachers and principal and got a call back for a 2nd interview with the Superintendent for tomorrow.  I am super excited about it all.  Of course, I’m nervous too.

Yesterday at the campground went fairly smoothly.  I went in after the interview and was working the boat rentals for the rest of the day.  It was my first time in the boat shack by myself.  One would think that with my predisposition to water and boats, that this would be a perfect amusement.  However, boat rentals is very different than actually participating in or teaching paddling.  Boat rentals, in actuality, is paperwork, pushing heavy boats into the water, pulling heavy boats back onto shore (rowboats weigh a ton), and getting PFD’s, paddles, and oars back into the correct storage cubbyholes.  I did enjoy watching 15 kids mess around in 4 kayaks for the afternoon.  They obviously were having the time of their lives. Their parents thanked my profusely for renting boats to them.  Maybe at least one of those kids has been turned on to a lifetime of paddling fun.

I have another interview this afternoon in Albany.  Then I get to go grocery shopping for the dinner and breakfast I will be making in the dutch oven on Friday night and Saturday morning.  Looking happily forward to my Labor Day Weekend Northern Adirondack hiking and paddling  adventure with an awesome friend!


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