first blog

Well it was an entirely exciting day at the state campground I’ve been working at this summer.  The most asked question of the day was “Is it going to rain?”  This question was accompanied by looming dark grey clouds that were blocking out all sunlight.  To their credit, it did not rain much, yet…   Although I understand how campers do not want rain to happen on their camping trips, I however, would love to see us get some rain.  I would be lying if I said that hurricane in the gulf wasn’t making me nervous at the year anniversary of Irene, but it has been such a dry summer.  We need the rain!  The creeks and rivers are so low the ski slopes in this area aren’t allowed to draw any water and their snow making reservoirs are no where near ready to go.  The fish would like it too.  So I have done my own little private rain dance.  We’ll see what happens!

On another note, I have a job interview to get ready for.  School starts next week so I am hoping, wishing, and dreaming.  I want to dazzle and astound the powers that be.  Wish me luck and maybe all my hard work will pay off!


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